How many times a week should I do Pilates?

That depends on a lot of factors- what else do you do for exercise? What other activities do you participate in? How much time can you devote? There is no right answer as everyone’s situations will be different. At The Pilates Studio we push for consistency. Doing a session once a week regularly will be […]

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How long are your Sessions and Classes?

Officially Sessions are 50 minutes, and Classes are 50-60minutes. This allows for Instructors to schedule future Sessions, and take payments. Most of the time, after you settle up with your instructor, you are welcome to stay after and use available space in the studio to stretch, or complete your workout. If you arrive and your instructor […]

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What is the difference between Sessions and Classes?

The Pilates Studio offers Private, Semi-Private, Small Group and Independent Sessions-, which are scheduled by appointment, and Group Mat and Group Apparatus Classes, which happen on a regular weekly basis (only some of which you need to sign up for). During Sessions clients work on their own individualized program or workout- even if they are sharing […]

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Pilates and Men

Pilates is excellent for the Fitness, Wellness, and Movement goals of men.That is all there is to say! Pilates increases flexibility, and flexibility prevents injuries. Pilates increases strength and strength makes activity easier. Pilates is great for cross training so that the activities you love to do continue to be possible without injury. Pilates is […]

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Pilates and Golf

Does your back hurt after your golf game? Do you wish you had more rotation in the swing? Do you wish it were easier to lug the clubs around? “Think of the Golf swing as an efficient machine. Each part of it depends upon the other parts; if one part is functioning incorrectly the other […]

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Pilates and Dance

While Joseph Pilates was a boxer and a gymnast and began developing his work in the hospital for injured soldiers, when he immigrated to the United States the first people that he started training were the modern dancers of the Martha Graham Company. It is well known that the stronger the dancer the easier she […]

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