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Kristy Powell Pilates Instructor

Kristy Powell

Pilates Instructor

Kristy is classically trained and comes to The Pilates Studio with over fifteen years of Pilates-teaching experience.

She began her instructor training while in her first year at the College of Charleston after returning from Budapest, Hungary, where she trained with the Hungarian National Ballet.

Kristy completed a rigorous two-year classical Pilates certification, rich in anatomy and bio-mechanical mindfulness, with Karen Sanzo of Pilates Unlimited in Dallas, Texas. 

Kristy enjoys teaching a wide variety of bodies, abilities, and life stages, including persons with acute or chronic injury, various physical limitations, athletes, pre- and post-partum persons, those with specific physical goals in mind, and those with a simple desire to move mindfully and sweat.

Since becoming a certified Pilates instructor, Kristy has facilitated multiple full-apparatus and Mat instructor certification programs, educating classical Pilates instructors who now teach both regionally around the northeast and internationally. Additionally, Kristy created a Pilates curriculum for asthmatics in partnership with researchers from the Yale University School of Medicine. She developed the professional instructional video that was used as the primary intervention method in this study. Kristy has also pursued various opportunities for continuing education to deepen her specialization in pelvic-floor rehabilitation and the post-partum body.

Kristy approaches every Pilates session she teaches open and curious about how her clients will arrive, settle, and develop over the shared hour. She holds a profound reverence for both the space she shares with her clients and her clients’ dedication and commitment to their personal wellness. Kristy especially appreciates the therapeutic aspects of Pilates (she holds a Master of Counseling). She knows Pilates to be physically transformational through her own rehabilitation after an ankle injury ended her professional ballet career. Having been an instructor of Pilates ever since this injury (and a practitioner of Pilates since she was 13), Kristy intimately knows the ways in which Pilates meets a body where it is at, always providing room for growth, healing, and transformation. 

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Denise T.

Pilates has changed my life. Training with Kristy for 7 months has been great. She is extremely dedicated and I love “classical” Pilates. My balance has improved so much when walking and my body feels much stronger. Everyone should sign up for a session with Kristy. Thanks, Kristy

Susan D.

I loved the "more than just the core" reformer class. It is very similar to Kristy's standard reformer classes but she gives very detailed cue-ing around the extra core moves she introduces to the class. As with all of Kristy's classes, you are super clear about how to do each part of each move. Yes, it's intense, but let's get real: that's what you are signing up for!! A strong core!! When it's over, you feel tight as a drum and very proud. I'd recommend this class to anyone who enjoys Kristy's reformer classes, or if you are new to the studio, know that we had two new students the day I took the class and they did great!

The next day I felt great, like a car after a tuneup. That surprised me, because I've lifted weights with a trainer before where I couldn't lift my hands to wash my hair in the shower for the whole week following my workout. This isn't that.

Can't wait for next week!

Diana P.

I attended a class with Kristy for the first time this week. I love the "classical" Pilates. As I know from teaching violin, when you repeat the same thing over and over, rather than being boring, it's an opportunity to find more and more depth. Kristy worked us hard (!), with care and positivity. I'm looking forward to continuing her class.

New Prices & Payment Policies

Hello and Happy Fall,

 We hope that your fall is getting off to a great start! We have some important updates to share with you today, as we continue to make sure you have the best possible Pilates experience.

Update on Rates

Like all businesses, we periodically need to adjust our prices due to higher costs. Things like studio supplies, utilities, and rent have become more expensive over the past couple of years. In order to maintain a thriving studio with great classes, instructors, and equipment we need to raise our prices. New pricing will begin to go into effect on October 15th. The changes are detailed on our website (http://thepilatesstudioinhadley.com/2019priceincrease/) and we’ll also have information available in the studio.


To make this adjustment easier for you, we have decided that our prices will remain at the current rates until Jan. 1, 2020 when booking online or via the appWe have worked hard to make it easy and convenient for you to book sessions and classes as well as make payments online from your computer, tablet or phone and we want to encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with these tools! We have recorded very short tutorials that will help you step by step here.


There are a couple of other benefits of booking and paying online. First, it allows our instructors to spend more time focusing on the great Pilates work they do with you, rather than administrative tasks. It will also give you more control about when you want to pay for your upcoming visits. And you know that traffic jam at the front desk at the end of every hour? Well, we think that’ll go away, too, as more people take advantage of our online tools!!


To quickly recap the pricing changes:  

Update on Payment Policy

We want our instructors to focus 99% of their time on serving you rather than on administrative tasks that take them away from caring for you. One area we’ve identified over time as a distraction from customer service is related to our payment policies. So we are making some changes to our payment policies to streamline our service to you. 


  1. Unpaid Visits: Unpaid visits will be now be charged as a single class/session. They cannot be included in a package. This policy change will be effective as of October 15, 2019. 
    1. For example, Jamie forgot her wallet and can’t pay for Tuesdays visit.  When she comes next week she will need to pay full price for that class or session.  
    2. To help you keep track of when you need to renew a package, you will receive reminder emails when your package is running low, giving you plenty of time to keep your packages current.  Notifications will be sent: 
      1. When there is 1 class/session left, and
      2. When there are 0 classes/sessions left, and
      3. When the package is expiring in 60, 30 days and 10 days
  2. We will now offer Auto-Renew for your purchases through the website and online app.  This convenient feature sets packages to automatically renew when they expire or when all of the sessions/classes have been used up. 
    1. Auto renew requires a credit card be stored on the client’s account in our secure studio management software.
    2. You have complete control to turn auto-renew off or on at anytime by updating a simple setting in your profile. 
    3. By using auto-renew you will always get the best discount on package prices.
    4. If any of your packages are coming up on their expiration date (a year from purchase) you will be notified 3 times via email or text message, depending on what notification preferences you have set in your account.


Thank you so much for your continued support of The Pilates Studio! We love being able to serve you as you become stronger, more balanced, and healthier!! This community makes our job so fulfilling and delightful - we are forever grateful for you. 

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Katrina and Laurie

PS: There will be no changes to our 10 20 30 Challenge for the time being.  If you want the absolute best class rates and amazing results be sure to check it out here

Kate’s Pilates Adventure: Seeing what the Pilates Apparatus can do

I felt great after my first day on the Pilates Apparatus, but man, my abs were sore! I arrived a few minutes early to my appointment to a bustling studio. There were a few other people on the reformers, cracking jokes and working hard. Everyone was in good spirits because we’re experiencing the first week of real warm weather after a grueling winter. Cathy led me directly over to the reformer, and we got started with leg presses that shifted the position of my feet to warm up. Again, I was struck by how clearly I could feel the natural articulation of my spine against the part of the reformer I was laying flat on. It helped me move with intention, and I could feel my pelvis and sacrum getting more pliable. While I was doing the leg presses, I confessed to Cathy that I felt guilty having told her last week that I wasn’t going to do any homework exercises she offered me.

“Let’s go all in this week,” I said.

We moved onto bridges, a backbend done with shoulders still on the floor and feet in table-top position, which might be my favorite exercise because it’s something I do often in my yoga practice but Cathy guided me through a vertebrae by vertebrae articulation of the spine that was really enlight

Combo Chair - Pilates Apparatus

Combo chairs one piece of Pilates Apparatus

ening. I could feel my abs working harder, and got a sense of how my pelvis, feet, abs and spine might all work together once I am more integrated.

“This is definitely homework for you!” Cathy told me.

After the bridges, I did some arm butterflies using the reformer arm pullies and tried not to think about how little upper body strength I have. Then I did a really fun exercise called Eve’s lunge, which is sort of like a runner’s stretch but the back foot pushed against a part of the reformer that moved.  Cathy worked me hard, because then we moved onto the Combo chair which looks like this:

And is a totally amazing tool if you’re looking to gain ankle strength and stretch out tight calf muscles. I stood with one foot on the part of the chair that you can push down, and practiced some achilles pumps which hurt so good. I knew it was just what I needed. We did a few different feet positions on this, and then moved onto to some supine stretching on the spine corrector, which looks like this:

spine corrector - Pilates Apparatus

Pilates Spine corrector, another piece of Pilates Apparatus

This is where I really found my abs. I did a series of what looked like simple sit-up like movements, but the expectation was that I would lean back over the rounded part, careful to press every vertebrae against it, and then curl back up with my chin tucked and my abs deeply engaged. It was so hard I quivered, and realized, as Cathy cheered me on, that this is just the medicine I need.

We finished the session using the floor reformer to do a few side splits, while Cathy talked me through my homework: more bridges, some ankle stretches using a ledge or the stairs, and a seated side stretch with my legs in “Mermaid Position.” My childhood dreams of being like Ariel from The Little Mermaid were finally about to come true! Perhaps this isn’t true, but in all seriousness, these exercises felt like things I could manage to work into my daily routine, and I left feeling strong and optimistic about a living a life inside of a body that had more mobility and less pain. Bring on week three, I am a Pilates machine!

Kate’s Pilates Adventure: Day 1

Kate Senecal author/writing coach extraordinaire

I sprained my ankle for the first time when I was in eighth grade, then twice in tenth grade, another time junior year of high school and finally, after a misguided attempt at being a hurdler in track, spent the last two months of my senior year of high school on crutches with the same busted ankle. I identify this injury as the root of a series of structural and postural issues that has caused me a few decades of leg, lower back, shoulder and neck pain that I’ve managed with reasonable success via a consistent Iyengar Yoga practice, acupuncture and a few life-saving massages. For years my dear, old friends Katrina and Laurie have urged me to try starting Pilates with them at The Pilates Studio, so in the spirit of overcoming some of these issues once and for all, increasing my minimal core strength and spicing up my weekly workout rotation I took them up on their suggestion.

Since I have old injuries, I felt that starting pilates with the private lesson introductory package which includes three private sessions in four weeks for $180 would be best. I arrived to my noon appointment early, excited to have someone look at the way I move and design a series of exercises just for me. Laurie and Katrina greeted me warmly at the front desk, and set me up with the paperwork I needed to fill out as a new student. The studio is huge, full of natural light, fun looking contraptions, and people of all shapes and sizes working hard but looking psyched while doing it – sort of like a playground in a daycare center but for grown-ups. I immediately felt comfortable and ready for action. My instructor, Cathy, lead me over to a crazy looking bench/table fully equipped with bars, pullies and all kinds of straps. I liked Cathy right away – she has a warm face and a gentle voice – and she’s also a physical therapist, so I knew I was in good hands.  She asked me thoughtful questions about the ways I move my body, then talked me through some movement that would help her assess my functional mobility.

Cathy told me that I over pronate my feet, which means my ankles collapse in toward each other. This can cause all sorts of problems like bunions, ankle pain as well as knee and hip tightness. She also noticed right away that my shoulders are very tight and my trapezius muscles were very weak which is likely the reason I experience so much neck and shoulder pain. Finally, along with having minimal ab strength, Cathy noticed that I also have Lumbar hyperlordosis – which just means that the natural curve in the middle of my spine is exaggerated in such a way that it often looks like I’m sticking my belly out when I think I’m just standing normally.

Once it was clear what I needed to strengthen, Cathy brought me over to the reformer – another bench similar to what I sat on at the beginning of the session, but instead of having a top that spans the reach between all four legs, the reformer has a slat with wheels which allows you to move fluidly while doing strength building exercises. I laid down and put my legs up against a bar, and was instructed to push on the bar with my legs as if I was using a weight machine that targeted my quads, but to be careful to keep the natural curves of my spine pressed against the table and to not move my pelvis at all. This was exceptionally difficult despite the movement seeming so simple.

Cathy was clear in her instructions, and intentional about how many repetitions of things she asked me to do as well as what order I did the exercises in. Appointments are only 50 minutes, but I felt like we made good use of the time. I moved in a lot of different ways, and worked harder than I expected both because of Cathy’s expert instruction and the fact that all of the equipment we worked with really helped me in understanding what muscles I use (or don’t use) habitually for different kinds of movements. I could really feel the weak parts of my abs, and how important strengthening that area will be for correcting the hyper curve in my back. Cathy talked a lot about integrating my lower body with my upper body via my pelvis, and I was shocked at how clear is was that they moved in a disconnected way when I was doing the exercises Cathy asked me to do.

Cathy was optimistic that it would not take me long to gain the strength I need to get out of pain and achieve my fitness goals, and I feel ready to work hard. I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of the great community at The Pilates Studio, and can’t wait for my second appointment!

Cathy Lawlor Pilates Instructor

Cathy Lawlor PT, NCPT

Pilates Instructor

Cathy started at The Pilates Studio as a client to focus on “fitness for my fifties” and became totally enamored by her movement experiences in the studio.  As a result she participated in the Polestar Teacher training to become a Pilates Instructor.

Cathy is a physical therapist with more than 25 years experience who has added Pilates Instructor to her resume.  Her physical therapy experience ranges from early intervention and pediatric PT (primarily in school settings), to adults with intensive developmental challenges, to Rehab PT in a long term care facility. Cathy has also worked as a full time parent, classroom volunteer, parent aide, and “ultimate” mom – many times taping injuries on the sidelines, among other things.

Cathy believes that every physical therapist should have exposure to Rehab oriented Pilates.  She loves the mind and body connectiveness of the Pilates method makes for a positive whole body movement experience.  Cathy looks at her clients with an eye for rehab – whether to improve postural alignment, strength and flexibility, or body awareness, to relieve pain, or to prevent future injury.  She always wants her clients to walk out the door feeling more aware of their whole body – and just better in general!

In her free time, you will find Cathy out on her kayak, walking her young pup Gracie, busy with a small photography business, helping to support a small school in Haiti, or traveling to see her three children who are spread around the country.

“My personal goal is to “move” through life embracing age gracefully with enthusiasm and a sense of humor.”  Cathy believes this is possible with Pilates in her life. She hopes to share this goal with all her clients wherever they are in life’s journey.

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Learn to Run: Week 1

What a great first week!  We are so excited to Learn to Run with you.  You may be thinking, “What a great first class, now what!”  And that my friends is why I am sending you this blog post.  Each week after class we will send you a link to a blog post with three or four exercises that we hope you can do between now and next Sunday.  We also want you to find time to get outside and move.  If you’re not sure how and when to run, that is no problem check out the following ideas.  And of course if you have questions feel free to contact us at The Pilates Studio with any questions.

Brand New Runner If you are brand new to running, you want to get outside and walk/run for at least thirty minutes a few days  (4-5) next week.  Feel free to do the exercises below before you run.

Already Running If you are already running, then keep training and simply add these exercises in.

Recovering from an injury If you are a runner that is recovering from an injury try the following protocol.

  1. Go run and stop when you feel pain (this is establishing your baseline)
  2. Once the baseline is established, take two runs at 60% of the baseline
  3. On the third run try 80% of your baseline.
  4. Rinse and repeat 60-60-80

Now on to the exercises…Don’t worry it’s just three exercises that will get us all to Learn to Run!

First for hip extension – we have the single leg bridge

Next for thoracic extension and ankle dorsi flexion – We have the quadruped cat and cow

Finally for control of the Hip Socket: Quadruped to Star

I also want to be sure that you know about RUNITY.  This is the coaches training that Nate and I took to Learn all of this stuff.  RUNITY is what brought me from a perpetual beginner to someone who actually could run.  If you find that you love this stuff as much as I do, there are some great online courses and resources, that can provide some of the science behind the conditioning exercises that we do.  I hope to bring Juan or Blas to the valley again sometime in 2019!


Tristan Diaz Pilates Instructor

Tristan Diaz NCPT

Pilates Instructor

Tristan started practicing Pilates to address an injured hip and to help with chronic pain it also gave her an incredible sense of well-being.

She was so passionate about the positive, healing effects Pilates had on her body and mind that she decided to train as a Pilates instructor and share those benefits with others as well as her patients.  

Her goal is to work with clients of all levels and support them in their journey towards wellness.

As a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Holistic Nurse Coach, Tristan is a strong believer that the best medicine for pain is movement.

Classes with Tristan focus on awareness, proper alignment, flexibility, and strength and being present.  By practicing deliberate presence in Pilates, we begin to automatically have more presence in all of our activities and interactions thus making life not only less stressful but the rich, beautiful experience we are intended to have!  

Be assured that you’ll be challenged, have fun, and leave feeling invigorated and inspired and maybe a little taller!!

 Tristan lives in Northampton loves cycling the scenic rolling hills of the Pioneer Valley, yoga, hiking, traveling and living a healthy lifestyle.  Tristan continues to work full-time as an RN Case Manager practicing holistic wellness, Functional medicine, and lifestyle management for the elderly population to assist them to maintain function, maintain independence and to be able to enjoy a full life as they age.

Trainings & Certifications:

Registered Nurse

500+ hour Polestar Pilates™ Comprehensive Teacher training

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Board  Holistic Nurse Coach

Certified Nurse Case Manager

Leave Tristan a Review!

I've been fortunate to have taken a number of classes with Tristan over the past few months. She is an extremely skilled instructor with a warm, compassionate personality. Her classes are relaxing, yet will strengthen your core and increase flexibility. I highly recommend taking a class with Tristan. You'll be very happy that you did!

Susan H.

Jennifer U.

Evening reformer classes with Tristan are a must! Jump class on Monday nights and reformer class on Tuesday nights. She is an amazing instructor. She always comes prepared with new exercises to try. A full body work out. I always feel challenged and extremely satisfied with what I have accomplished. Thank you Tristan!

Peter H.

Tristan is a relatively new instructor at the Pilates Studio in Hadley but she is not new to teaching and is very knowledgeable & experienced in Pilates and general fitness. I like her approach and look forward to trying out new classes that are just starting. She is a great addition to the staff there!

Alison S.

At four-months post hip replacement surgery, Tristan’s restorative class is helping me to ease back into Pilates classes. The class is a perfect mix of stretch and strength.

Rider Series

Want to feel more balanced and confident in the saddle?
Pilates can help!

Come spend some time focusing on your position.
Strengthen good habits and explore ways to banish the bad ones- your horse will thank you.

7 Week Mat & Apparatus Series for Riders with Suzanne Mente

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm 1/31/18-3/7/18 with a bonus/makeup class on 3/14/18

pilates and riding

Suzanne will include exercises on the new & innovative Oov apparatus.
Sign up & attend any 6 classes during the 7 week series for $130.  Bonus class is $20.

We welcome riders coming right from the barn- britches count as yoga pants!

Pilates is a great method to help you develop a stronger and more supple riding position.  Over the eight week series you’ll learn ways to improve posture in the saddle, strengthen legs & abdominals and increase hip mobility. We’ll have fun using all the pilates apparatus- including the new Oov- which challenges balance and coordination- the closest I have found to having an actual horse in the studio!

Each week you’ll learn new mat exercises you can practice at home, and we’ll use the reformer, trapeze table, chair, spring boards and ladder barrel to explore exercises specific to the needs of riders. This class will be suitable for both those new pilates as well more experienced movers, the level of difficulty can be adjusted for every exercise.
TO SIGN UP:  Call the studio at 413-586-3504, or  email us, or sign yourself up by visiting our class schedule.
Sign ups (each week) are required  due to limited space.

Reformer Parties


Pilates Reformer Party
Reformer Parties are the best way to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.  An instructor will lead you and your friends through an hour long reformer workout (no experience necessary).  You’re guaranteed to have a great time- AND a great workout.
Reformer Parties are $115 for up to 5 people.
Fill out the form below and tell us when you’d like to book your party.  We will get in touch with you soon!