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Tuesdays 12-1pm at The Pilates Studio

Babies that are a few weeks-8 months old are usually the most cooperative but any age is welcome.
Your Pilates instructor will lead you through a mixed level Pilates Mat Class with focus on movements that new moms’ bodies are craving: extension, stretching, and abdominal strengthening.  During class you’ll feel comfortable attending to your baby and trying exercises standing, sitting or laying down -depending on where your little one needs you.  Crying is welcome (for everyone!) and conversation is extremely encouraged.  This is your chance to be with your baby, other moms and your body.

drops in $15/ 6 classes $75/ 10 classes $120/ 25 classes $240/ 30 classes split with a buddy $288
you can use these class cards for BYObaby or any of our mat classes.
We also offer monthly unlimited memberships for $125.  ($89 for brand new clients!).
Come to unlimited mat classes for the whole month.

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Intro Offer

To celebrate our 5th Anniversary we are offering $50 off our Introductory Package for a limited time.

Visit our online store and use the promo code “IntroOffer” when purchasing the Introductory Package to receive the discount.

The Introductory Package….. $180

pilates private session


Recommended for people new to Pilates and our studio. This is a series of 3 private Pilates sessions. The first session will be a thorough assessment which gives the instructor the information necessary to design a program based on the individual needs and goals of the client. During the first session the instructor will also teach some Pilates basics so that the client is ready to begin his/her program during the second and third Pilates session. The introductory package is perfect for people who intend to work on the Pilates Apparatus but can also be geared towards people interested only in mat work.




Terms & Conditions for Intro Offer:

This offer is for new clients only. (Although clients who have only participated in classes can redeem the offer).  The Introductory Package must be purchased by 6/30/16 but can be scheduled at a later time.  Please note: This offer is non-refundable.  Scheduling subject to instructor availability: not all instructors are taking new clients at this time.

Pilates and Riding


Pilates 116

Just Imagine the strength riding a horse requires. This is not brute strength that powers through every move. The strength of a rider is found in her precision, control and coordination.

Pilates is an excellent practice for any equestrian whether she is a dressage rider using the subtle movements of her pelvis to guide a horse through the levels or a hunter jumper who has to organize her spine to land all jumps without injury.

Any Equestrian also requires organization in the shoulder girdle that makes handling a horse and cleaning stalls safe for the back and neck. Not to mention the core strength that is required to keep a body safe during a fall from an excited horse.


More than that- The Pilates Studio has the perfect instructors for any equestrian.

Suzanne Mente has been the dressage coach at UMASS for many years and introduced Pilates to the team. Now she is an apparatus and mat instructor at The Pilates Studio and with her expertise on the horse she can design a program for any rider that will improve scores and keep bodies safe.